A Kind of Homecoming

Garuk Meets His End

  • Armed with the information learned from Kedrun’s story, the party quickly leaves the Blackforge family home intent on hunting down Garuk. Kedrun reveals that Garuk is in the great Temple of the Ancestors underneath the hilltop Hammerfast is built upon. Before leaving the home, Kedrun also gives each party member a talisman that will shield them from the energy draining aura of the Well of Souls that is permeating the city. The Well itself was built in the Temple and the aura will be at its strongest there and without the protective wards built into the talismans, the party would be hard pressed to last long so close to the Well.
  • Kedrun and Hamish lead the party back across the deserted city and up the last flights of wide steps that lead up to a pair of wide, ornate bronze doors doors that stand ajar across the entrance to the Temple of the Ancestors in Hammerfast. The hallway beyond is encased entirely in polished dark granite and black marble and pairs of copper and bronze lanterns are suspended from the ceiling. Many flights of steps lead down, deeper and lower into the hillside. Though many of the oil lanterns have burned out, some still cast a brilliant glow along the hallway as Kedrun and Hamish lead the way along the corridor.
  • At the end, deep inside the hill, stands another set of ornate bronze doors, slightly ajar. Beyond is a huge mausaleum encased entirely in polished marble and granite. The floor is covered with flagstoned graves markers, many of which have been shattered with pieces of stone littering the floor. The far end of the mausaleum is a large raised area, upon which stands a huge white marble font, nearly 10 feet across and 6 feet high. The marble is carved with figures of dwarves and up from its depths radiates a brilliant blueish white glow that, along with the bronze laterns standing around the room, illuminates the huge chamber. Behind the font sit seven thrones of carved granite. “Behold,” says Kedrun. “The Well of Souls.”
  • The party advances into the room, spreading out as they go. As they do, a person dressed in worn red robes with numerous pouches and bags hanging from belts and bandoliers, steps out from behind the Well of Souls. The ornate black eyepatch over his left eye reveals his identity: Garuk One-Eye.

“My, my, but you are persistant, aren’t you? And you’ve brought a little lap dog with you – I’ll admit that I’m surprised to see you alive, Kedrun. It’s pointless now, you know. The end of this little game has come. My master’s plan has already been put in motion and, thanks to the secrets the little bird Cygnet sang for us even Argent will fall. So you see, your foolish little sing-song network is about to end. The only part I’m sad about is that you won’t be here to see it all.”

Garuk One-Eye 2,500xp
Fire Archon 600xp
4 Dread Archers 1,200xp
Zombie & Skeleton minions
Total XP 4,300xp
Experience point record
  • With that said, Elestrynna, never one for patience, unleashes a barrage of magical force on Gaurk. With a curse, he stumbles back and places his hand on the Well. He spits out a string of arcane words and the Well pulses with energy. Emerging from the gaping holes of the shattered graves set in the floor and the walls comes wave upon wave of skeletal dwarven warriors! But Garuk is not done yet, with a quick gesture, he teleports down to the floor of the room and raises his arms, tearing open holes in the air and bringing forth a swarm of flaming, magma creatures that immediately attack the party. The fight is on!
  • The titanic struggle rages for what seems like an eternity as Garuk continues to summon creatures of elemental fire and send them at the party. Spitting arcane words and summoning the power of the Well, he brings forth waves of undead dwarven warriors in an attempt to crush the party under the sheer weight of attackers. But in the end, it comes to nothing. Though battered, bruised, and at the end of their strength, the party prevails as Theros drives a pair of arrows through Garuk’s head, ending the life of the Red Wizard. With his death, the Well lapses into quiesence and the last of the elementals are wrenched back to the Elemental Chaos. The fight for Hammerfast is over.



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