A Kind of Homecoming

Threshing Down

Skill Challenge: Ahmik Var 500xp
Skill Challenge: The Elders 500xp
Skill Challenge: Aid & Assistance 500xp
Total XP 1500xp
  • On the urgings of Markus, the party takes a day to travel to Threshing Down, a small village on the verge of the great northern steppes of Damara. Not long after breaking out of the thick trees of the Dunwood, a dark smudge of smoke is seen on the horizon to the west where Threshing Down lays. After descending the rocky, broken hills that are the Giantspire’s foothills, the party is approached by a mounted patrol of mixed Nar tribesmen and Damarans led by an old Nar hunter named Ahmik Var. Rassimohn calls the party into a group and unfurls the black banner of the new Feyahrs and awaits the patrols approach. Rassimohn negociates with Ahmik, who is very cautious but agrees to allow the party to proceed to Threshing Down. Most of the party notes that the patrol is made entirely of young boys, old men, and a few women.
  • Ahmik explains that Threshing Down is home to both the Var clan, migrant sheep herders from Narfell that spend their summers in the village and permanent Damaran residents. The village is ruled jointly by a council of elders from both groups. He will say little else to the party, though he is pressed with questions.
  • When Threshing Down comes into view, it is seen that the village has been badly pillaged. The wooden pallisade is broken, the gates are sundered, and the outlying farms are mostly burned. A few villagers are gathering scattered flocks of sheep and attempting to pick up the pieces of their broken homes. A small tent city lies outside the broken walls.
  • Ahmik brings the party to the village elders, Matoskah Var, chief of the Nar tribe, and an old Damaran dame named Elena Vuketch. Matoskah and Elena explain that two weeks ago a strong contigent of Royal Damaran Dragoons arrived from Tellerth and rounded up nearly all the young men of the village, claiming that they were to be brought back to Tellerth on suspicion of collaborrating with Orcus cultists in Fallcrest. Despite the villagers’ pleas, the Dragoons rode off with nearly 40 men and left the village virtually defenseless.
  • Then, two days ago, a hill giant raiding party attacked Threshing Down. With all the strong, young men gone, the town was helpless as hill giants, ogres, orcs, and goblins looted and pillaged the village.
  • After hearing the story and explaining the situation in Fallcrest to Matoskah and Elena, the party sets out to do what they can to help the villagers.
  • Jai helps to clear debris and to repair the shattered pallisade. Sharat tends to the wounded. Theros tracks the hill giant raiders and confirms that their trail leads straight in the direction of Battlechief Nosnra’s steading in the northwestern reaches of the Giantspire Mountains. Likely a raiding party of 2 or 3 giants, as many ogres, and a pack of 15+ orcs and goblins. It looks like some prisoners from Threshing Down were taken as well.
  • After doing what they can to help, the party turns back east towards the Dunwood and Markus’s farmstead. The events at Threshing Down clearly trouble Markus quite badly. It is a hard journey across broken, rocky hills and thick forest that takes a week to complete.
  • Upon returning to the farmstead just outside of Nenlast, the party is greeted by Cygnet, who has been holding down the fort. She seems especially glad to see Rassimohn…



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