Viscount Nikolaus Istvan

Viscount of Covasna and commander of royal forces in Fallcrest


Viscount Istvan, who also holds the title of Defender of the Eastern Marches, is a fiercely loyal nobleman who has long served as a part of King Yarin Frostmantle’s court in Helgabal. In the early days of the coup that brought Frostmantle to power, Istvan (then a minor nobleman) threw is support behind the usurper and fought beside him in the short civil war. For his service, he was given the lands around the town of Covasna in the Duchy of Soravia.

He is currently the commander of the small contingent of royal Damaran soldiers that are, nominally, tasked with defending the eastern reaches of Damara. Most people recognize that his primary purpose as commander is to keep the dukes of Soravia loyal to King Frostmantle.


Viscount Nikolaus Istvan

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