A Kind of Homecoming

Complicity of the River Rats

Exploring Low Town

  • the next day, the group splits up and explores Low Town, interviewing townspeople and looking for more of them with the pinch-faced evidence of the Spiritmaster’s influence.
  • also in Low Town, they remember something leanred from the Temple priestess—the possible involvement of the young girl in stealing the ritual components: Mashel Nistral. her family hails from Low Town. at the Nistral home, there’s no answer at the door . . . busting in, they find the Nistral family dead, all of them with completely pinched faces, like the Shadar Kai in the catacombs. clearly the Spiritmaster wanted to silinece ths particular loose end.

A little Scrying goes a Long Way

  • while the others explore Low Town, Elestrynna conducts a ritual that can show the history of an object—she selects one of the crates that contained ritual components, specifically the Swiftwater Clan crates, hoping to find the culprits behind the robbery.
  • as part of the ritual, she asks a specific question: “show me: the person that moved the create off the Caravan after the attack”—and as if she was there sitting the cart, she can see a scruffy human reaching toward the crate. behind his shoulder, she can see a horrible creature, covered in spines and clearly of a daemonic origin. the human seems afraid of the creature and nervously going about the business of unloading the cart.
  • although Elestrynna doesn’t recognize the man she saw, she hopes that someone else might.

All Roads Lead To . . .

  • that evening, the group gathers at the inn to compare notes…
  • with a scrawled map of Low Town, they plotted out where the various pinch-faced townspeople lived, and when they had their bad-dreams. looking at the pattern, it clearly radiates outward from the market green.
  • Elestrynna then relates the results of her ritual. Jai recognizes the description of the man—he’s a thug that works with the River Rats, the criminal gang that works in Low Town, and headquartered at Sandercot Provisioners.
  • “So where’s this Sandercots place?” Jai points on the map to one of storefronts bordering the market green
The SpiritMaster

The Militia and The Dwarves

  • as Elestrynna and Karnak tried to shut down the ritual, the Militia and the Hammerfast Dwarves come marching down the hallway leading to the sarcophagi room, this time with the Dwarven sergeant leading the way.
  • Rassimohn steps forward in the doorway to greet them (and keep them from interrupting the activities in the next room over), while Theros takes cover in the shadows, bow at the ready.
  • the Dwarven sergeant calls a halt to his men and demands to know who the gruop is and what business they have in the catacombs. as the dwarf steps into view, Rassimohn recognizes him: he looks just like the dead dwarf in the pile of corpses one room over.
  • Rassimohn diplomatically attempts to get the militia to stand-down, accusing the dwarven leader of deception, and bravely assures the dwarf that his evil ritual is being undone as they speak.
  • at that, the sergeant orders his mean to seize Rassimohn and battle is joined!!!

Rituals are Tricky

  • as the sounds of battle come from the room to the north, Elestrynn and Karnak try to finish their work as quickly as possible, without going too fast, screwing up, and possibly tearing a hole in the fabric of space between worlds.
  • while Elestrynna’s arcane skills are up to the task, Karnak’s religious manipulations are not able to keep pace.
  • finally Elestrynna is able to shut down the ritual with a dramatic display of arcane power, but at the very end, a burst of necrotic energy from the shadowfell blasts outward and hits both Karnak and herself… and some of the other items in the room.
  • with a crash and a thinkle, the sound of breaking glass comes from one of the crates, and two ghostly figures materialize. as Karak attackes them, they transform from insubstantial ghosts into murderous Phantom Warriors intent on killing the living.

The SpiritMaster Revealed

  • meanwhile, Jai steps forward into the doorway and meets the charge from the dwarven soldiers, while Rassimohn pokes at them with his glaive, and Theros carefully fires arrows past all of them, aiming for the sergeant.
  • fortunately, the militia hang back, confused, and do not enter the fray on either side of the fight. unfortunately, for them, the Dwarven sergeant turns to them and in a theatrically loud voice, clearly meant for his men, he cries “beware, these villians have summoned the undead to help them” and with a flick of the wrist, and a burst of necrotic power, four horrific spirits appear and immediately assault the shocked human militia.
  • while Jai and Rassimohn had their hands full with the dwarven soldiers, Theros’ keen eyes notice a strange thing right before the spirits appeared: the appearance of the Dwarven sergeant ever-so-briefly shimmered and was replaced by a completely different looking dwarf and then was just as quickly replaced by a nightmarish creature, at once smoke and sinew, graveyard rags, wispy hair and bony arms ending in hand with impossibly long fingers. and just as quickly, it’s the dwarven sergeant again.

Fortunate Escape

  • the summoned spirits make short work of the militia-men and the dwarven soldiers are clearly shaken by this otherworldy turn-of-events, though this only makes them more intent on taking down the supposed cause of the trouble. Rassimohn tries talking sense to them, but everyone is too busy trying to kill each other for it to sink in.
  • Elestrynna and Karnak have their hands full in the ritual room with the Phantom Warriors. Theros has to re-direct his fire into the other room to lend a hand.
  • the Dwarven Sergeant, or whatever he is, pretends to fight the creatures he summoned, but also directs necrotic attacks towards the heroes engaged with his men.
  • with Theros’ help, Eleystynna and Karnak manage to finish off the ghosts and join the fight. the tide quickly turns in the favor of the heroes and the dwarven sergeant begins to flee.
  • not wanting him to get away, Elestrynna fey steps past the melee in the doorway and chases after, just in time to see the dwarf standing over the body of the militia leader, a ghostly energy transferring from the human’ face into the dwarf’s mouth and right before her eyes, the dwarven sergeant is replaced by the human militia—though briefly, before the final step, Elestrynna sees a different dwarf and a ghoulish figure.
  • it is now that Elestrynna recognizes what it is that they face: a Spiritmaster! not good.
  • the Spiritmaster, now in the guise of the human milita-man, smiles at her then runs down the hallway and Elestrynna gives chase. when the Spiritmaster realizes that only Elestrynna is following him, he turns and attacks!
  • fortunately for Elestrynna, Jai has managed, with the help of Rassimohn’s warlord skills, to extricate himself from the scrum in the doorway and arrives on the scene just in time to save the outmatched wizard.
  • with a wave and a nod, the Spiritmaster turns completey insubstantial and flies upward through the solid rock of the catacombs.

After the Battle

  • the remaining Hammerfast dwarves surrender to the conquering heroes, the fighting spirit already having left them with all the confusion about their Segeant’s loyalties.
  • unfortunately, all of the Fallcrest militia are dead, at the hands of the Spiritmaster and his ghastly minions.
  • Karnak investigates the crates where the Ghosts had materialized. inside, he founds enchanted containers, inside which are retained the spirits of the villain’s victims, kept in stasis no doubt to power his nefarious rituals.
  • while the rest of the group gathers up the ritual components for transport, Karnak sets about to free the captive spirits and send them on their way to Kelimvor, where they belong.

Discovery at the Temple

  • with the ritual components in tow, the heroes return victorious to the Lord’s keep. the magical rain has ceased, though the town is still in the poisonous grip of its effects.
  • with this in mind, Lord Markelhay sends them to the Temple to provide the components as resources for the Priestess’ healing prayers—a service that the last remaining diseased adventurers take advantage of.
  • the temple is even more crowded than when they were there last—and this time they notice something strange and disturbing: several townsfolk have a pinch-faced look about them. whle not as extreme as the look of the dead Shadar-Kai in the catacombs, the similarity can’t be denied.
  • interviewing the affected townspeople, they figured it was just an effect of the same disease that everyone else seems to have. they can’t recall anything else unusual that happened to them. well… except for some bad dreams lately—independantly, each person describes a similar dream, featuring a shadowy figure standing over their beds.
  • furthermore—all of the pinch-faced affected hail from Low Town.
Into the Catacombs

Guards in the Tombwood

  • at a bit of an impasse, the adventurers are trying to figure out what to do next . . . one clue as yet unexplored is the ramblings of the Septarch about something bad happening in the catacombs, something about a weakness in the barrier between us and the Shadowfell.
  • Lord Markelhay explains that after the heroes had killed the vampire and his forces, he has been slowly cleaning out the newly discovered portions of the catacombs, and while his soldiers don’t enjoy being assigned to the post, they have not reported anything special or sinister.
  • hoping to find out more information, they trek through the rain to the Septarch’s tower and find that not only is he not receiving visitors, he has fired up all of his tower’s defenses. a magical barrier midway across the bridge bars them entrance. high in the tower, an owl perches watching them, no doubt a familiar.
  • Elestrynna calls out to get the wizard’s attention via the owl. then magical letters appear on the outside of the tower, saying, essentially “go away”.
  • Elestrynna tries to yell out a rational plea for help against whatever evil forces seek ill will upon Fallcrest and that the Septarch’s suspicions about the catacombs could be right. the response “glad to hear i was right. let me know how it goes in the catacombs. i’m staying safe in here.”
  • disgruntled, the adventurers head to the catacombs. rather than the ‘front door’, they head to the entrance they previously discovered in the Tombwood. sure enough, the entrance appears to have been widened and shored up. inside, torches at periodic intervals light the way.
  • Theros, glad to be free of the confines of the palanquin, scouts on ahead. at the end of the winding natural tunnels, he arrives at the man-made passages and hears voices up ahead—human voices.
  • Stealthing ahead, he hears snatches of their conversation. “Hate guarding these catacombs”, “we’re overdue for the end of our shift”, “the seargant says we can’t go out in the rain”, “what’s that supposed to mean?”, “who knows…”
  • Theros returns with a report and the group decides the direct approach will work. they are, after all, deputies of the Lord and here on his orders.
  • arriving in the burial room, they adventurers startle the guards there. several humans and several dwarves. after the initial shock of their arrival, Rassimohn strikes a commanding tone and diplomatically seeks passage deeper into the catacombs on behalf of the Lord.
  • the senior-most human guard is ready to let them pass, but the dwarves are having none of it. upon closer perception the group can see the dwarves are dressed in livery of Hammerfast. “Sgt Tranick says no one passes”
  • despite their best diplomacy and intimidation, the dwarves are determined to wait until Sgt Tranick’s return. they’re expecting him shortly.
  • the group returns to the tunnels to outside, trying to figure out what to do next, when one of the human guards arrives. he’s willing to have him and his men offer a distraction, so the group can get by.
  • following his lead, they wait in the shadows as the human guards make as if to leave the catacombs via the western exit from the room, and the dwarves following yelling at them to remain at their post, and allowing the group to enter the room and head out the eastern exit of the room.

Stolen Goods Recovered

  • following the same path of rooms they recognize from several months ago, they eventually arrive in a room filled with standing sarcophagi. in the room to the south a purplish-bluish glow eminates . . .
  • approaching carefully, the next room is dominated by a massive pillar of magical energy: a column of swirling colors fills floor to ceiling, almost 10 feet in diameter, and surrounding its base on the floor of the room is an intricate circle of runic writing. looking closer, the magic in the circle is a raging storm cloud with lashing rains and flashes of lightning.
  • the impressive ritual appears to be contained in the runic circle, so the group looks around the rest of the room. they find numerous boxes and crates: some with the markings of the swiftwater clan, some from the Temple of Torm and Chauntea, and some others with markings of Hammerfast. many are opened and half-empty, and numerous empty containers of ritual components lay about on tables and the floor.
  • at the far southern end of the room is a huge pile of skulls and bones, and on top of the pile are a half-dozen bodies: four strange humanoids with pale skill, and strange tattoos and piercings, one shadowy panther creature, and finally a dwarf. thinking back to the witch they fought in the orc cave, they recognize the humanoids as Shadar-Kai.
  • one strange thing about the corpses though, the faces of the Shadar-Kai and the dwarf look strangely pinched. like something sucked all of their features forward.
  • looking through a pile of Shadar-kai clothes and weapons, they find a familiar silvery orb—like the one they found at the Orc cave, that they took for some kind of communication device from Garuk One-eye.

The Storm Ritual

  • with the source of the mystically diseased rain in front of them, Elestrynna and Karnak seek to unravel its power, without distroying themselves in the process.
  • through Karnak’s knowledge of Religion, he can sense the weakness in the veil between this plane and the Shadowfell. in fact, the ritual seems to be drawing its dark power from that place, imbueing the rain with the essence of that dismal place
  • through Elestrynna Arcane skills, she examines the ritual and deduces an approach to dismantling it piece by piece, with Karnak’s help to keep the connection to the Shadowfell in check.
  • as Karnak and Elestrynna begin the delicate process of tearing apart the ritual, the others stand well away in the room to the north, providing ‘moral support’ at least.
  • then Theros, who was keeping an eye on the passage behind them, hears voices echoing down the hall . . .
Is it STILL raining???

Recovering at The Silver Unicorn

  • as the haunting rain falls outside, the group stays sheltered at the fanciest inn in Fallcrest, the Silver Unicorn, much to the chagrin of its proprieter, looking at the soaked and, for some, unconcious guests
  • Rassimohn explains the situation and gets some rooms. as the night progresses, everyone fights off the effects of the magical disease attacking their bodies. Karnak makes the best progress, while Elestrynna, Rassimohn, and Trek get worse.
  • disease effects:
  • initial effect: speed reduced by 2, -2 to WILL defense until cured
  • improved one step: speed reduced by 1, still the -2 to WILL
  • worse one step: Slowed, still the -2 to WILL, and vulnerable 5 psychic dmg until cured
  • meanwhile . . . at the Nentir Inn, Theros wonders where everyone is. with the heavy rain falling outside, he doesn’t feel like wandering around getting wet trying to find them. and when some patrons of the Inn arrive, soaked and growing sickened, Theros realizes that the rain is not Natural.
  • the next day, the rain still falling, the group decides that it’s worth risking going to the nearest temple to try to seek divine assistance in fighting the disease

Crazy Dwarf

  • on the way to the Temple of Chauntea & Torm, the group passes another temple along the way, this one an abandoned temple, boarded up for many years now. but on the stairs leading into the temple, stands a single dwarf—yelling at them in gibberish.
  • Karnak approaches his kinsman but the crazy dwarf, disheveled and looking cold in the rain, is completely out of his wits, babbling in nonsense words; not some unknown language, just crazy half-words and grunts.
  • with a shrug, the heroes figure they have more pressing problems to address just then.

The Temple of Chauntea & Torm

  • at the Temple, they find a crowded sanctuary, with many other city residents having the same idea. the priest, Dirina Mornbrow, looks exhausted as she walks among the sick trying to treat and comfort them.
  • the adventurers explain to Dirina that they are interested in more extrema treatment—the Cure Disease ritual.
  • when Dirina returns from fetching the ritual components, she’s very upset. most of her store of components have been stolen! she only has enough for 2 rituals.
  • immediately the group starts connecting the dots: Naerumar’s shop was robbed of its store of components, the caravan carrying his restock was destroyed, this temple was robbed of the components it needs for its rituals—and now a diseased rain assaults the entire city. Coincidence? not likely!
  • Streetwise asking Dirina more about missing components, she immediately suspects a young girl that she’d had to let go a few weeks ago. Mashel Nistral, a girl from low-town who she’d taken as a servent but she was incompetent and so Dirina fired her. Mashel would have had access to the missing components.
  • Jai recognizes the name, at least the last name: a man named Nistral would often bet on the barenuckle brawling that Jai competed in. the man never bet on Jai and no doubt lost quite a bit of coin along the way.
  • but more pressing, they set about to get at least Rassimohn and Elestrynna cured. the others will just have to soldier on.

Theros and the Palanquin

  • leaving the temple, the group finally makes their way back to the Nentir Inn to meet up with Theros.
  • resting the night, Karnak manages to shake off the final effects of the disease, but Trek and Jai are still affected.
  • contemplating next steps, they decide that they should check in with Lord Markelhay and explain what they know about the rain. having been cured, they are confident that the rain won’t re-sicken them. but Theros hasn’t ventured outside yet.
  • amusingly, Elestrynna comes up with an idea . . . casting Tenser’s Floating Disk, they raise a tent on the disk and Theros crawls inside. with Theros sitting comfortably on his magical Plalanquin, the group makes their way to the keep.
When it Rains it Pours

Checking in with Lord Markelhay

  • the following morning is a dim dawn, in sharp contrast to the last several sunny days. a heavy cloud cover has come in over night and casts a grim shadow over the town.
  • splitting up, some of the group head over to the North Quays to talk with the Porters and the rest return to Lord Markelhay to catch him up on events
  • they also ask the Lord what the Septarch was discussing with him the other day. he explains that the Septarch was upset about the Catacombs being off-limits.
  • after the adventurers had defeated the vampire who had taken up residence there, Lord Markelhay had sent his men to further investigate the newly opened portions of the catacombs, to clean it up, put disturbed bodies to rest and just make extra sure that all threats had been eliminated
  • the Septarch had been spouting some paranoid nonsense about the veil to the Shadowfell growing thin. Lord Markelhey considers the Septarch to be a worrier and a dramatist of the highest order and while he tried to assure the wizards that all was well in the catacombs, he was still upset.
  • after leaving the Keep, they went to the Septarch’s tower but found out that he was not receiving visitors

Confirming Suspicions with Barstomun

  • arriving at the northern quays, Barstomum is willing to meet with the group. while he puts on quite the show of resisting meeting with them, once behind closes doors away from his men, he’s more than willing to talk without losing face.
  • as the group suspected, Barstomun claims to be innocent of the attack on the caravan and is eager for the adventurers to catch the true culprit.
  • Barstomun can’t, however, back down from the situation that he’s in. his men would lose all respect for his leadership if he did that.
  • he does, however, agree to at least try to keep his men from escalating the violence any further.
  • unfortunately, the leader of the Porters has no useful information to point the group in the right direction.

PC’s Present: Elestrynna, Jai, Trek, Rassimohn, Karnak

Street Fight

  • meeting up at the Nentir Inn that evening, the group tries to figure out what to do next . . .
  • several ideas come to mind: try to find this missing Bree, try (harder) to meet with the Septarch, follow-up on the suspicious man they met in the bar in Low-town: Sandercot, check out the catacombs . . .
  • as they discussed all this, suddenly a halfling burst into the inn announcing that a big fight was going down right across the bridge. gathering up their gear, the Deputies set out to see what they could do to keep order
  • crossing the bridge into town, a light rain began to fall as the morning clouds had turned into a dark and forboding roiling sky
  • at the north end of town, in the clearing south of the gate, Halfings and Porters squared off in the street as the townspeople scattered.
  • despite their best efforts, Rassimohn and Karnak could not persuade the warring factions to put down their arms.
  • fortunately, despite the air of violence, both groups were not going for the kill, but were pulling their punches. nevertheless, things could definitely escalate and Jai and Karnak threw themselves into harms way to try to break things up, while Elestrynna threw magic missiles into the fray to dissuade the violence
  • as the fight progressed, the rain began to fall harder, pools of water forming in the muddy street, making footing more treacherous.
  • all efforts at Diplomacy & Intimidation were failing, as more Halfings and Porters began arriving to add to the fight
  • suddenly the skies opened up and a deluge began . . . and with a sinking sensation in the pit of their stomachs, the adventurers knew that something was wrong. as the rain soaked their clothes and skin, a unnatural lethargy settled into their bones. they were diseased!
  • as quickly as the fight had begun to escalate, it soon scattered, as the rain dampened the spirits of the combatants. and the adventurers gathered up the unconscious men and halfings and dragged them into the shelter of the nearby Silver Unicorn Inn
The Swiftwater Clan

Halflings like to Party

  • after returning from the site of the caravan attack, the group sits in the common room of the Nentir Inn contemplating next moves—including a visit to Lindel, the leader of the Swiftwater Halfings, to talk to him about what they found
  • as the common room fills up with Halflings who are getting their drink-on before heading into town, Rassimohn strikes up a conversation with a halfling asking after Thannigan, hoping to get a way to meet with Lindel
  • bribing their way into an invite to the Halfling camp, the group buys bottles of wine and kegs of beer and soon a veritable baggage train of booze is on its way north…

Reunion with an Old Friend

  • at the Halfing camp, it’s clear that these Swiftwater like their parties. the trees are strung up with lamps and lanterns and music echoes from every corner.
  • who should see them from across the way but TREK!! their wayward halfing compatriot had recently returned from a side adventure in the Dunwood and had, of course, settled in to relax with his fellow halflings

Thanigan and Lindel

  • Thanigan is brought over to meet with the group and is very interested in their tale of what they found at the remains of the caravan. when presented with the Totem, he is saddened—he knew the Druid that owned the Totem and it opens afresh the emotional wound of having lost friends and family
  • Thanigan takes the group to see Lindel. as they pass out of the gaily lit party atmosphere, the outer part of the camp is all business, with warriors at guard and messangers running to and fro.
  • Lindel is not impressed with the deputization documents, and shows open disdain for Lord Markelhay, apparently because of his subservient posture towards the Dwarves of Hammerfast. no love lost between these two factions of the Nentir Vale
  • Karnak asks about Bree and they find out that the girl arrived on foot at the south docks and took refuge in a Swiftwater barge there. clearly shaken up by the attack, she expressed a paniced desire to return home to the north of the Vale and disappered that night. despite Lindel’s best efforts to find her, they have not yet.
  • moving on to other news, Lindel knows about the Orcs massing in the mountain pass and assures the adventurers that the Swiftwater will be long gone if they ever break their way into the valley
  • as for the Porters, Lindel still believes that the Porters are responsible for the attack, and interprets the possible involvement of Devils as merely a sign of desperation on the part of Barstomun to turn to such measures
  • nevertheless, he concedes that there’s much about these events that bears further investigation and that not all may appear as it seems. he assures the group that he will do what he can to restrain his people from letting the violence get out of control.

PC’s Present: Elestrynna, Jai, Trek, Rassimohn, Karnak

Pudding and Oozes and Slime

The site of the Caravan Attack

“What’s that at the bottom of the pond?”

  • travelling south out of Fallcrest, the adventurers eventually arrive at the site of the caravan, about two to three hours of travel.
  • west of the road, in earshot of the Nentir River, they found the remains of the caravan—burned husks of wagons and tents.
  • Perception: looking closer at the footprints, there’s something strange about some of them. Nature: wracking his brain, Theros can’t place them. they’re booted footprints, but their shape and impressions aren’t familiar
  • Arcana: Elestrynna the Eladrin can sense the residue of the ritual components, ground into the dirt in the camp. looks like some of the containers might have been damaged.
  • Perception: following some Halfling tracks, they led to the east of the road and went into a small pond, but didn’t come out.
  • Failed Perception: failing to notice anything immediately peculiar about the contents of the pond, Rossimohn poked around in the water with his Glaive, when the bottom of the pond heaved upward and a massive appendage of black slime broke the surface and swatted him fiercely!


1 Black Pudding 700xp
# Black Pudding Spawn 85xp total
3 Grey Ooze 125xp each
1 Green Slime 175xp
Total XP 1335xp

Combat XP: 1335xp

  • 250gp necklace
  • 170gp
  • Autumn Harvest Totem (lvl. 7)

PC’s Present: Elestrynna, Jai, Theros, Rassimohn, Karnak

  • in the pond, they found numerous Halfling skeletons
  • stuck into several of them, right into the bones, were numerous splinters or thorns of a vaguely organic nature. Religion: Karnak: the Paladin detected an Astral nature to the thorns
  • with the bodies, they also found a Totem—likely belonging to a Druid, which reminded them of the Halfling they met on the road into town (Thannigan)
Investigating the Caravan Attack

Meeting with Lord Markelhay

  • having sent a runner the previous night to announce their return to the Lord of Fallcrest, they receive word that he awaits their arrival at their convenience, preferably during his normal hours of receiving in the morning.
  • on the way to the keep, they passed the abandoned Temple of Amaunator—but outside on the steps a crazed old dwarf stood yelling gibberish at passersby
  • at the keep, while waiting for an audience with the Lord, they overheard a smattering of conversation from commoners who were also waiting: a merchant whose shop window was broken by either the Porters or Halflings, the owner of an alehouse in low-town complaining about the River Rats. a third person, a farmer, kept to himself
  • a steward arrived to escort them in to see the Lord (skipping ahead of the others who were there first)
  • on his way out was the Septarch, the leader of the local wizard’s guild (such as it was)—(Insight – Karnak: the Septarch appeared upset about something…)
  • in audience with Lord Markelhay, he was at first disturbed to hear about the involvement of the Orcs in the Earthspur mounts, but relieved to hear that they had been neutralized. after a whispered word to his steward, the servant left the room to fetch a reward for the adventurers’ valor
  • discussion turned to the problem of the Porters and the Swiftwater Halfings… Lord Markelhay regrettable admitted that he had bigger problems to deal with (the Orcs in Sevenwind Pass) (Insight – Karnak: at this, the Lord appeared very aware of the presence of the Dwarven representative from Hammerfast hovering nearby…)
  • re: the Porters: Lord Markelhay finds it implausible that Barstomun would be so stupid as to attack the Halflings so blatently. and no hard proof was found of his or his men’s involvement
  • re: the Swiftwater Clan: apparently there was a witness, a lone survivor, who told the Swiftwater that it was the Porters—but this witness has since disappeared.
  • Dipolmacy: Rassimohn—the Warlord suggests that Lord Markelhay deputize the group to help him ferret out the truth behind the Porters & Halfings. Rassimohn can be very persuasive.
LOOT 350sp + 250gp reward monies

PC’s Present: Elestrynna, Jai, Theros, Rassimohn, Karnak

The Aggrieved Merchant

  • the group heads off to the merchant whose caravan was attacked: Orest Naerumar
  • the merchants store is heavily guarded by Swiftwater Halflings, though none oppose the group’s entrance to the shop
  • inside, the merchant greets them warmly (Adventurers with gold to spend are always welcome in a shop such as this). he’s reticent to talk of the caravan attack, such an unpleasant business.
  • showing Elestrynna his stock of ritual components, he apologies for being short on stock…
  • Diplomacy: Orest admits that the lost caravan was carrying many reagents needed to restock his supply—Arcana: looking at the supplies on hand, Orest appears particularly lacking in Alchemical Reagents (arana) and Mystic Salves (healing)
  • curious who his usual customers are for such goods, Orest is initially reluctant to go into the details of his customer but… Diplomacy it’s no big secret that, other than travelling adventurers, the two local Priests use components for their religious rituals and the Septarch and Lady Allande are the only Wizards in Fallcrest
  • Insight: sensing that there’s more to this—the group nosed further into why he ran short on supplies
  • Streetwise: turns out that his store was broken into a few weeks ago and, among other things, his supply of components was raided. Orest asks them to keep that to themselves, as he doesn’t want his customers to lose trust in his ability to protect his store. He’s already lost some faith in protecting his caravans.
  • before leaving, the group stocks up on some Arcana components, as Elestrynna intends to acquire the ritual for Enchanting Magic Items, and will need components to create the items that the group needs.

PC’s Present: Elestrynna, Jai, Theros, Rassimohn, Karnak

The Septarch

  • although the group is curious to investigate the site of the Caravan attack, they are close to the part of the city where the Septarch’s Tower is, and Elestrynna is looking for those Rituals, so they think to stop by on the way out of town
  • the Tower sits on top of a steep hillock, some distance from the edge of the cliff looking down into low-town, with a thin bridge reaching out to the Tower. at the start of the bridge, a small guard-house sits.
  • Diplomacy: upon seeing Elestrynna, the guard agrees to let her across to see the Septarch, but she may only bring one bodyguard. Rassimohn volunteers.
  • Arcana: midway across the bridge, Elestrynna feels a shiver in the air as she steps through some kind of magical barrier. they are not stopped in any way, but she could feel something there.
  • inside the tower, they are greeted by the Septarch’s apprentice (and only other member of the guild), Tobolar Quickfoot. the Septarch was not there to greet them, but Tobolar showed them through to the guild’s supplies, willing to sell her the rituals that she sought.
  • during their conversation, Tobular made it clear that he would be thrilled to have more members in the Guild…
  • Diplomacy: they casually inquire as to the Guild’s supplies of ritual components, and let slip that Naerumar’s Imports was broken into and are low on supplies—Tobolar seems upset about this
  • as conversation turns to the Porters and Swiftwater, Rossimohn reveals that there are deeper dangers at work… as possible conspiracy from forces that mean ill to Fallcrest—can’t remember what you guys said exactly, but you scared him, I made a note to that effect
  • on the way out of the Tower, they could hear Tobolar’s feeting pounding up the stairs…

PC’s Present: Elestrynna, Jai, Theros, Rassimohn, Karnak

Slumming it in Low Town

The Nentir Inn

The Inn’s common room begins to fill up with Halflings. Turns out the Swiftwater clan has a cluster of barges pulled along the edge of the Nentir River north of the city, and the Halflings come to the Nentir to get their drink-on before heading into town.

This gives the group an idea of their own, and they head into the city to see things for themselves

The Lucky Gnome Taphouse

Seeking out the most disreputable tavern in town, Jai knows just the place!

Arriving in low-town, the tavern’s reputation is well deserved. And just as the Switfwater was congregating at the Nentir, the Porters Guild is well represented at the Lucky Gnome.

Another faction is also present in force: the River Rats. This group of ruffians and rogues are Fallcrest’s very own ‘criminal element’ and are well at home in Low Town. While the Porters Guild’s strength is in the warehouse area near the southern quays, the River Rats plague the rest of the downtrodden Low Town residents with their petty crimes and intimidation.

Karnak applies his Insightful eye to the bar’s patrons and helps Jai and Rassimohn do a bit of strategic intelligence gathering . . .

Streetwise primary 4 Successes, 2 Failures
Insight secondary 3 Successes
Athletics secondary 1 Success
Perception secondary 1 Success, 1 Failure
Insight primary 1 Success
Total XP 400xp

PC’s present: Elestrynna, Karnak, Rassimohn, Jai (100xp each)

Interesting tid-bits: – while some of the younger Porters are eager to take credit for the frakkas with Swiftwater, the older, more battle-scarred Porters are quieter on the subject. while fishing for someone who could claim to actually have been present at the attack on the Halfings, no one credible stepped forward. – since the Porters are consumed with their feud with the Swiftwater Clan, the River Rats have become more daring. – though some River Rats feel that Kelson isn’t doing enough to take advantage of the situation

As the drunken patrons begin to leave in packs to roam the city, Rassimohn spots one particular individual hanging back in the shadows of a dark booth. Jai recognizes the man as Marken Sandercot, the eldest son of the widow Sandercot who runs Sandercot Provisioners across the Market Green from the bar.

Meanwhile, back in Fallcrest...

Jai . . .

Weeks ago, Jai and Theros accompanied Lord Markelhay’s scouting party to the Giantspire Mountains to assess the Goblinoid threat. Sure enough, the ran into screening patrols very early in the Seven Winds pass. It was too risky to probe deeply into their lines to assess the size of the threat brewing in the pass, so they fell back to the foothills and set up an advance post.

Jai returned to Fallcrest with the messengers to find his friends departed to Avalia. Theros decided to try to catch up, while Jai opted to stay in Fallcrest.

Amongst other things, Jai took to spending time in Lowtown in the evenings, earning some extra cash bare-knuckle brawling in the Market Green at night.

Jai has seen first hand the results of the feud between the Porters and the Switftwater Clan—Fallcrest is a steaming kettle, about to whistle…

Trek . . .


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