A Kind of Homecoming

The Deep Crypts

After retreating for some much needed rest in town, the party desends again into the underground vaults beneath the Tombwood in Fallcrest. They find a chamber that seals them in and begins to flood with water as skeletons rise up from the murk!

3 Skeletons 100xp each
1 Trap: Flooding Room 175xp
Total XP earned 475xp

After disarming the trap and defeating the skeleton guardings, the next chamber the party discovers is a funerary chapel of some kind. And worse, it’s guarded by vampire spawn!

5 Vampire Spawn 125xp each
Total XP earned 625xp
Entering the Catacombs

After defeating the skeletons prowling the lichyard, the small company scouts a large crypt.

1 Decrepit Skeleton minion 25xp each
Total XP earned 25xp

Seeing a large group of skeletons prowling the crypt, the small company retreats back to the Nentir Inn. There, new friends arrive and the reinforced team descends back into the darkness of the infested tomb!

3 Zombies 125xp
3 Zombie Rotter Minions 25xp each
Total XP earned 500xp

After clearing the first room, the party discovers a servant’s vault full of undead horrors.

1 Boneshard Skeleton 150xp
1 Skeleton 150xp
3 Decrepit Skeleton minions 25xp each
1 Spiked Swinging Gate 125xp
Total XP earned 500xp

Next, another crypt inhabited by various critters.

1 Shadowhunter Bat 150xp
2 Rat Swarms 125xp each
1 Water-Filled Pit 100xp
Total XP earned 500xp
Belt of Vigor (lvl 2)

Followed by a warrior’s vault guarded by the undead

6 Decrepit Skeleton minions 25xp each
2 Skeletons 125xp each
1 Specter 175xp
Total XP earned 575xp
Flame Bracers (lvl 3)
The Tombwood Graveyard

The first of the company arrives in the Nentir Vale and lands in Fallcrest. After finding a room at the Nentir Inn, they cross the river into town and explore the Tombwood, tucked beneath the walls of Moonstone Keep, home of Lord Warden Faren Markelhay.

  • 1 Skeleton (150xp)
  • 3 Decrepit Skeleton minions (25xp each)

Total XP earned: 225xp

Loot ???


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