A Kind of Homecoming

Meeting Regdar

While resting in the Nentir Inn following their employment with Serim, the party is approached by Regdar Quinn, a merchant whose guards have abandoned him in Fallcrest. He asks if the company would be interested in hiring on with him to escort himself and his caravan to Avalia, a remote mining town in the Earthspur Mountains. The area around Avalia was reportedly quiet of activity until recent months when orc raiders have begun harrassing the town and the main road. Quinn will pay the party 150gp to escort him to Avalia with an additional 150gp if they are attacked along the way. Given the recent events, the company considers Regdar’s offer for a time before agreeing, but not before word of the Yellowtooth goblins and Garuk One-Eye is brought to Lord Protector Markelhay.

Before leaving Fallcrest, Karnak and Rassimohn visit Moonstone keep for an audience with the Lord Warden. When they finally meet him, they give him the letter from Garuk One-Eye that was found with the Yellowtooth goblins. The Lord Warden is troubled by the discovery but decides the best course of action is to send scouts to the Giantspire Mountains to learn more. He also will send messeges to his liege lord, the Duke of Soravia and the dwarven Thane of Hammerfast asking for assistance should it be needed. He thanks Karnak and Rassimohn and requests that they check in with him again when they return from their trip to Avalia.

While Karnak and Rassimohn meet with the Lord Protector, the others take the money forwarded by Regdar and head out into town to gather supplies for the journey. Two riding horses and a draft horse and cart are purchased before stocking up on rations and other supplies. Sharat also takes some time to ask if any merchants around town might have business he could “assist” them with in Avalia, but he turns up no leads…owing mostly to his utter lack of business acumen and social grace.

The next day, the company meets up with Regdar Quinn and his rickety wagons and sets out along the Thane’s Road, heading west and bound for Avalia.

Returning the goods
After burying the remains of the three humans found in the goblin cavern, the company loads the crates of ore in their cart. But something is odd. The crates are far too heavy to contain just ore and, after examining them closely, Rassimahn discovers a false bottom! Hidden in each crate is a small fortune in gold and silver coins struck with sigils of Narfell and Impiltur! After some debate the false bottoms are sealed again and the company sets out for Fallcrest. A chill rain falls throughout the day and camp is made early where Sharat calls upon the wisdom of Oghma and translates the letter found in Forgath Yellowtooth’s chamber.

Two days of struggling through the cold rain and muddy roads finally brings the company to the outskirts of Fallcrest where they make their way through town to the Nentir Inn. There Karnak rejoins them, stories are told, and the crates are returned to Serim. No clear mention of the money hidden in the crates is made, though Serim pays a small bonus for “discretion and a job well done”.

“Hopefully we can conduct business again in the future.” are his parting words as the company seeks much needed rest from their adventures.

Quest Reward: 150xp to all party members

  • 300gp
  • 1×100gp opal (gem)
Exploring the goblin lair
With the goblin tribe routed and the corpses of those that did not survive littering the cavern floor, the company takes the time to patch Elestrynna and Sharat, both who had been critically injured. After resting for a time, the exploration of the goblin lair began.

Various living quarters were explored with little of interest being uncovered. There are a few exceptions,though. In the goblin chieftan’s quarters a significant amount of gold, silver, and gems are found. An interesting letter written in the pictograms of the goblin tongue is also recovered.

In other areas of the cave system three human corpses are found, all three wounded heavily before being left in a dank, dark pit where they expired. Not far from there, the company found four wooden crates packed with ore—likely the very same crates that Serim wished to recover. Finally, a small trove of magical items are found dumped in a supply closet, obviously not of interest to the goblins.

  • Force Staff +1 (lvl 3)
  • Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1 (lvl 4)
  • Thuderburst Longbow +1 (lvl 4)
  • 4 crates of ore…and cash!
  • 150 gp
  • 200 sp
  • 3×100gp gems (tourmaline, jade, tigerseye)
  • 1×250gp golden chalice
Meet the Yellowtooth goblins
Finally, the storm blows itself out and the party picks up the trail of the goblins once again. After a cold camp and not enough rest, they push on through the drifted snow and frigid air. Late the next day as the sun is beginning to set, the home of the Yellowtooth goblins is found: a large cave guarded by a few goblin warriors and their pet wolves. But as the attack is launched the goblins call for aid and reinforcements come charging out of the cave and a great battle ensues.
2 Gray Wolves 125xp each
2 Goblin Sharpshooters 125xp each
2 Goblin Warriors 100xp each
4 Goblin Cutters 100xp total – minions
Total XP earned 700xp (1 warrior escaped)

PC’s present: Jai, Sharat, Elestrynna, Rassimahn, Theros (140xp each)

Unfortunately, a lone goblin escaped back into the cave to raise the alarm!

The company, though exhausted from being battered by the storm the previous day and wounded from the fight outside, pushes on into the caves in pursuit of the escaped goblin.

They find a deep network of caverns behind a strong, locked door (which is broken down). Waiting for them in the caves is a strong force of goblin warriors that they engage! But as the fight is joined another party of goblins charges into the fray from the other direction. The party is trapped between them and are in a fight for their lives with no way to escape. To make matters worse, the chieftain of the goblin tribe charges into the fight with a gleaming magical axe!

Forgath Yellowtooth, Goblin Underboss 350xp
2 Goblin Sharpshooters 125xp each)
2 Goblins Skullcleavers 150xp each
8 Goblin Cutters 200xp total – minions
2 Goblin Warriors 100xp each
1 Goblin Blackblade 100xp
4 Goblin Cutters 100xp total – minions
Total XP Earned 1275xp (1 warrior, 1 sharpshooter escaped)
Rounded up to 1300xp

PC’s present: Jai, Sharat, Elestrynna, Rassimahn, Theros (260xp each)

  • Vanguard Battleaxe +1 (lvl 4)
  • Chainmail +2 (lvl 6!)
A visitor and a blizzard
After exploring the mine the company meets an elven ranger named Valna Leah, who claims to be a scout from Yeshelmaar in the Forest of Lethyr. Valna has been scouting the western parts of the Dunwood in an attempt to learn what has become of the Rotting Man in Dun-Tharos and the demons that now haunt the Dunwood in his place. He also reveals that the miners and their goods were hauled off by Forgath Yellowtooth, leader of the Yellowtooth goblin tribe, which makes its home a day’s journey to the southeast.

With the aid of Oghma, Sharat also learns that the necklace found on the kobolds is a token sealing some kind of bargain or contract between the kobolds and goblins. Valna claims that the necklace comes from the Yellowtooth tribe, indicating a possible pact or alliance between the kobolds and the Yellowtooth goblins.

The next morning, Valna departs for Yeshelmaar and the company leaves in pursuit of the goblins. The weather takes a drastic turn for the worse as a severe spring blizzard blows in from the north. But this is no ordinary storm, but instead it has been tainted or influenced in some way by the demonic powers that pollute the Dunwood and the cruel storm forces the company to seek shelter. The party is never able to find a safe place to camp and is exposed to the elements for most the day, exhausting them quite badly (-2 healing surges).

Primary Skills Acrana, Insight, History, Athletics, Nature, Perception, Endurance
Total XP Earned 0 (failed)
Even worse things in the mine

While the rest of the group went back to camp, three of the party were convinced that there must be more loot to be found in the spider lair… and below the Elite Deathjump Spider’s nest, they found a hole leading down… and in the tunnels below, the true master of the Spiders is revealed: Ettercaps.

1 Ettercap Fang Guard 125xp
2 Deathjump spiders 125xp each
Total XP earned 375xp

PC’s present: Jai, Rassimahn, Trek (125xp each)

1 Ettercap Webspinner 150xp
1 Dark Creeper 125xp
1 Ettercap Fang Guard 125xp
3 Bloodweb Spider Swarm minions 31xp each
1 Deathjump Spider Swarm 150xp each
Total XP earned 643xp

PC’s present: Jai, Rassimahn, Trek (214xp each)

  • Glaive of Terror (lvl 4)

Now what was that Dark Creeper doing talking to that Ettercap leader? Hmmmmm…

Spiders in the mine

Upon arriving at the mine, in the chill of the evening hour, the company looked down on the burned out, wasted remains of a small mining camp nestled at the base of a tall butte. A rocky path wound its way up the scree slope to a dark opening in the hillside: the mine itself. The camp, however, had been ravaged by raiders and, perhaps even worse, was wound thick with heavy webs, which covered buildings and trees alike.

Cautiously the company crept down into the camp to see if they could learn what had happened when dark forms crept from the shadows and lept to attack!

3 Deathjump spiders 150xp each
3 Bloodweb spider swarms 150xp each
Total XP earned 900xp

PC’s present: Jai, Trek, Sharat, Elestrynna, Rassimahn (180xp each)

  • 100gp gem + 70gp
  • +1 Inspiring Mace

With the fight ended, the company made camp to recover their strength before investigating the mine. While exploring mining camp, they discovered numerous goblin bodies entombed in webs (food for spiders, clearly) and a rather obvious trail broken through the brambles and brush of the Dunwood leading away to the south…and deeper into goblin country.

The next day, their investigations led them into the mine. There they uncovered further nests of spiders!

2 Deathjump spiders 150xp each
2 Bloodweb spider swarms 150xp each
Total XP earned 600xp

PC’s present: Jai, Elestrynna, Sharat, Rassimahn, Trek (120xp each)

1 Elite Deathjump spider 350xp
3 Bloodweb spider swarms 150xp each
Total XP earned 800xp

PC’s present: Jai, Elestrynna, Sharat, Rassimahn, Theros (160xp each)

  • 60gp

During their investigations of the mine, the company found that the mine itself had not been worked for many years. After investigating the mine, two questions remain: What has become of Serim’s men and his crates? And why did Serim lie to them about the mine?

And what about those kobolds?

Journey to the mine

The party departed Fallcrest the following morning: a cold, crisp early spring day. The trip was uneventful, with the small group making it all the way to the White River valley and crossing the ford to the southern bank before making camp in the ruins of an old watchtower overlooking the river. That night, they were ambushed by a small contingent of kobolds.

1 Kobold Wyrmpriest 150xp
2 Kobold Dragonshields 125xp each
4 Kobold Minions 25xp each
2 Guard Drakes 125 xp each
Total XP earned 500xp (1 drake, 1 dragonshield escaped)
  • 40gp
  • 1 Potion of Healing
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power (lvl 5)
  • 1 Goblin ceremonial necklace

PC’s present: Jai, Sharat, Elestrynna (167 xp each)

Looted from the corpse of the kobold “witch doctor” was a fancy, ceremonial necklace clearly of goblinoid manufacture. It is odd that such a trinket would be found on a kobold leader… But with the kobold raiders defeated, the company turned its attention back to the trip. In the early morning hours, their next companion joined them—Rassimohn, a captain with a long history of friendship with the other companions.

Now their trip turned difficult as the company traversed the rocky, broken hills between the river and the Dunwood to the south. But through perserverance and some clever pathfinding, they located the mine by sunset of the second day.

Skill Challenge (Level 2)
Primary Skills: Endurance, Nature, Perception
Total XP Earned 125xp

PC’s present: Jai, Sharat, Elestrynna, Trek (31xp each)

Working for a tiefling
The party is hired by Serim Selduzar, a middle-aged tiefling resident of the Nentir Inn, to investigate a mine that he recently purchased the deed for. His miners have failed to deliver to him three crates of ore they had prospected from the mine. They were to have been in Fallcrest nearly two weeks ago but he has heard nothing from them.

The mine lays 3 days to the southeast of Fallcrest in the broken, rocky hills along the south bank of the White River (the edge of goblin country) and he fears for the safety of his men and his mine. Serim agrees to pay the party 200gp if they can bring back word of his mine with a bonus 100gp if they can bring the crates to him in Fallcrest.

The party was joined by Sharat at the Nentir Inn while Karnak remains behind to discuss the matter of undead in the city’s catacombs with the lord of Fallcrest.

The Vampire Master

Finally, after defeating the vampire spawn, the party discovers the lord of this dark realm—a vampire lord! Led by the valiant paladin of Kelemvor, the party attacks and defeats this vile servant of Orcus!

Barthus, Vampire Priest of Orcus
Total XP earned 875xp
Robe of Contingency (lvl 4)

After defeating the Vampire in the catacombs, you go and talk to the Lord Warden of Moonstone Keep.

The Lord Warden is, of course, appreciative of your efforts—as you no doubt prevented much loss of life. He offers you 500gp as a reward. You also meet the envoy from the Dwarven kingdom in the nearby mountains (the true power in this valley, as you discovered earlier). The envoy also expresses the gratitude of the Thane and offers to make you suitable armor or weapons to aid you in whatever other heroic quests you undertake.

  • 500gp
  • one Level 3 magic item
  • one Level 2 magic item

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