Gazetteer of Damara

The Kingdom of Damara is located in the northeastern reach of the Realms, north of the Kingdom of Impiltur and west of the land of Narfell. Since throwing off the shackles of the Witch-King Zhengyi almost 100 years ago, it had been ruled by the Dragonsbane family, beginning with King Gareth Dragonsbane who was instrumental in Zhengyi’s defeat. About twenty years ago, in the year 1459 DR, the last Dragonsbane king was found dead and the throne was taken in a short, brutal civil war by the ambitious and powerful Yarin Frostmantle, who rules it to this day.

Damara is broken up into eight fiefdoms, each ruled by a noble family that owes its fealty to King Yarin Frostmantle in Helgabal (known as Heliogabalus under the Dragonsbane dynasty). The territories are:

The county, or special military district, of Bloodstone is governed by a military officer appointed by the king. Bloodstone recieves such special treatment because it sits astride the critical Bloodstone Pass in the Galena Mountains and is the first line of defense against the Warlock Knights of Vaasa.

The Grand Duchy of Morov, where the capital of Helgabal is located is traditionally ruled directly by the king of Damara, who also holds the title of Grand Duke of Morov.

Most Damarans are loyal followers of The Church of Ilmater and shrines and temples dedicated to him and his primary saints, Saint Dionysus and Saint Sollars the Twice Martyred are seen throughout the kingdom. Though much diminished since their heyday under the Dragonsbane kings, the Paladins of Ilmater are the most common form of law enforcement outside the cities. In Helgabal they also struggle to maintain order and safety in the capital city itself.

The small towns of Fallcrest and Winterhaven are nestled in the Nentir Vale that sits on the periphery of the Duchy of Soravia, hard against the deepest part of the Dunwood and in the lees of the Giantspire Mountains. This is where the campaign begins.


Gazetteer of Damara

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