“Flat and dry, grasslands roamed by swiftstags and wild oxen—and the Nars, horse barbarians who, like the Bedine of Anauroch, want to play “I’m fiercer than thee” with any intruder. Horses are their wealth and their pride, and they want us to stay away from them. Half of them who gather at the Trade Fair each year are just looking for an excuse to bury blades in you. Mountains to the north, and hobgoblins; a few lakes and small streams, but nothing lush, anywhere. Another good place to stay away from.”

-Unknown merchant from Suzail

East of Damara, across the Giantspire Mountains, and isolated in the far northeastern corner of the Realms, few places are more isolated than Narfell. Yet at one time it was the center of a great empire ruled by dark priests that maintained their power through blood pacts with demon lords. But over 1,500 years ago their civilization fell and its bones lie scattered across the rolling tundra and deep forests.



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