Rod of Seven Parts

Believed to have been forged eons ago during the what has become known as the Shadow Epoch, this powerful artifact was once known as the Rod of Law. Wielded by the armies of the Elder Gods, led by the World Serpent Ouroboros, it was used in the victory over the powerful beings of manifest entropy and elemental might known simply as the Primordials. From this victory, the world of Toril was allowed to flourish into the Realms of today.

At some point the Rod of Law was sundered into seven parts and scattered across the whole of Toril. From that time, the parts have been found and then lost again, always seeming to reappear when the forces of elemental chaos threaten Toril.

Recently, two fragments of the Rod were rediscovered, stored in a coffer disguised by an illusion. The coffer itself was mystically sealed and bore the symbol of the Monastery of Saint Wynfrith on its lid.

During the battle outside of Nenlast, something caused the fragments of the Rod to awaken and summon a massive radient blast that slew or badly mauled a number of elementals. Such power should not be possible for the Rod while it is in such an incomplete form.

Rod of Seven Parts

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