“Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes.”

Two decades ago a civil war was fought in the Kingdom of Damara. But it was a bloodless war. Almost. Lord Yarin Frostmantle assassinated good King Dragonsbane and seized the throne in Heliogabalus for his own. Those loyal to the Dragonsbane family rose up to defend the throne but they were quickly crushed and scattered to the winds as King Frostmantle quickly secured the reigns of power for himself.

The loyalists who escaped the usurper’s grasp fled for their lives to the south, east, and west. To the cities of Impiltur, Vesperin, and Thesk where they made new lives and new friends and strove to forget the old wrongs. But some still remember the days when the Dragonsbanes ruled in Damara, and some still seek to set things right, though King Frostmantle rules with an iron fist from his throne in Helgabal. This is their story.

A Kind of Homecoming

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