A Kind of Homecoming

They Have a Corpse Ogre

Corpse Ogre 800xp
Dwarf Rot Grub Zombies (2) 700xp
Dwarf Zombie Throngs (2) 600xp
Dwarf Undead Archers(2) 600xp
Total XP 2700xp
Experience point record
  • Tego flees from the corpse ogre as Theros slams arrow after arrow into it, crippling it and slowing it down dramatically. The ogre continues to forge ahead, though, while the rest of the zombies engage the party. Tego ends up flat on his belly behind a fallen tree, next to Elestrynna. His closest call came from the throng of zombies that nearly ripped his head off as he ran.
  • As the corpse ogre and the rest of the zombies finally fall into piles of rotting flesh and bones, a massive pulse of energy blasts out from about a half mile away near the area where the dwarfish monument is built. Everybody rocks back as the energy slowly expands outward, passing over the battlefield and the recently slain undead dwarfs. As the wave passes over the rapidly decomposing corpses, they begin to reassemble themselves and shamble back to their feet. Now, though, the former confusion and pain that was obvious in their dead faces has been replaced with a look of intent. The reanimated corpses ignore the party and begin shambling purposefully to the west…towards Fallcrest!
  • In the woods to the southeast, a pale blue-white glow radiates outward from the dense forest. It also moves slowly to the west – likely a large band of undead are making their way through the forest.
  • Elestrynna, uses her acute arcane senses to notice that there is a massive amount of residual arcane energy lingering in the air above the forest to the southeast. Its trail, practically a contrail, leads due east in the direction of Hammerfast. She speculates that the energy is the remains of a virtual hammer-blow of magic that keyed the pulse wave of energy moments ago. As she spreads the word, the party realizes that since Hammerfast is the only point of civilization east of the Fiveleague House, it likely came from there. What is going on?
  • Before decisions can be made, the battle fatigued party hears a hoarse cry from within the dark inn. Somebody is still alive in there! “My brother!” shouts, Tego, his face white with fear and streaked with crusted blood, sweat, and dirt. “Your brother?” replies Rassimohn. “Yes. He’s, he’s still in there. I left him to go find help. You’ve got to go help him get out!” The party exchanges another set of glances, shoulders their weapons, and heads quickly towards the dark, ruined shape of the Fiveleague House.



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