Magical Items By Character

Jai Alastrom
|Fey Strike Bastard Sword +2|10|Weapon|
|Coruscating Platemail +2|7|Armor|
|Amulet of Physical Resolve +2|7|Neck|
|Belt of Endurance|6|Waist|
|Gauntlets of Ogre Power|5|Hands|
|Dwarven Greaves|7|Feet|

Rassimon Lafeyahr
|Singing Glaive +2|9|Weapon|
|Chainmail Armor +2|6|Armor|
|Healer’s Brooch +1|4|Neck|
|Bloodthirst Bracers|4|Arms|
|Battle Standard of Might|4|Misc.|

Sharat Kadim
|Battlecrazed Fullblade +1|4|Weapon|
|Scalemail of Sacrifice +2|4|Armor|
|Amulet of Resolution +2|7|Neck|
|Rod of Seven Parts +2|*|Implement|
|“Elemental” Tattoo (aka. Demonskin)|3|Misc.|
|Belt of Vigor|2|Waist|

|Acidic Longsword +2|9|Weapon|
|Fireburst Cloth Armor +2|8|Armor|
|Amulet of Mental Resolve +1|2|Neck|
|Force Staff +1|3|Implement|
|Casque of Tactics|4|Head|
|Rope of Slave Fighting|7|Waist|

|Frost Greatbow +2|4|Weapon|
|Hide Armor of Exploits +1|3|Armor|
|Peacemaker’s Periapt +2|8|Neck|
|Bracers of Archery|6|Arms|
|Inescapable Longsword +1|3|Weapon|
|Defensive Short Sword +1|2|Weapon|
|Power Jewel|5|Misc.|

|Cloaked Dagger +2|7|Weapon|
|Leather Armor of Recovery +2|8|Armor|
|Gloaming Shroud +1|3|Neck|
|Flame Bracers|3|Arms|
|Acrobat Boots|2|Feet|

|Pact Craghammer +2|7|Weapon|
|Leather Armor of Dark Majesty +2|9|Armor|
|Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1|4|Neck|
|Rod of Avernus +1|3|Implement|
|Bracers of Mighty Striking|2|Arms|
|Belt of Vigor|2|Waist|

Group Items
|Bag of Holding|5|Misc.|
|Reading Spectacles|2|Misc.|
|Woundstitch Powder|1|Misc.|

Karnak Blackhammer
|Belt of Vigor|2|Waist|
|Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1|4|Neck|
|Fortification Plate Armor +1|4|Armor|
|Bloodclaw Craghammer +2|7|Weapon|

Magical Items By Character

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