paladins of Ilmater

The Church of Ilmater

The Disciples of St. Sollars the Twice-Martyred are headquartered in the Monastery of the Yellow Rose and strive to maintain separation from everyday life. They treat anyone who reaches their cloisters, but usually make no effort to leave their holds unless there is great need. Such sites include the Nether, the Alimir, the Cloudpeaks and the Spine of the World Mountains. There are also compounds on the Pirate Isles, the Korinn Archipelago and the Nelanther.

The Holy Warriors of Suffering are an active force in the North. These paladins often guard pilgrims and caravans traveling through the wild lands. They demand no recompense for their services beyond a bit of food and an audience for their tales of Ilmater’s glory. The bitter winters stretch one’s endurance and increase suffering that the Holy Warriors willingly embrace, as one of Ilmater’s faith should. They have small chapter houses in every major town in the North where they can exchange information with their brethren and have their deeds and tales recorded for posterity. They use the purple crocus to symbolize the end of a winter of suffering and the hope of spring and beyond.

The Order of the Golden Cup is based in the Bloodstone Lands. These paladins are usually of noble birth and look upon their responsibilities to the commoners as sacred duties. It is this order from which King Gareth Dragonsbane of Damara and most Lords of Imphras II in Impiltur came. The yellow daffodil is a symbol representing a golden cup, but the order uses the golden cup in its heraldry, either as the only symbol or part of the family device.


paladins of Ilmater

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